At Novela Law, we are specialist in transactional law. It's the only thing we do.

What you can expect as a client

You can expect our prompt attention to your legal problems, no matter how big or small. Telephone calls and emails are returned the same day. We keep clients informed in real time, and update you so there will not be any surprises. We are a law firm that thinks like a business, with real world solutions. We find that many of our client’s seek out our guidance on all manner of business issues, and we value that relationship. Our goal is to provide you service not for a transaction, but for life. This is illustrated by our more than 95% client retention rate since the firm was founded.

Our philosophy

With a law practice based in South Florida, we emphasize a relaxed style, we dress casually (except where a business meeting warrants otherwise) and we are available to our clients at all times (including providing you with our mobile phone numbers). We love what we do, how we do it and we look forward to working with you.


Notable Transactions

Corporate Law


General Corporate Law
  • Represented as outside general counsel a United States telecommunications company with wireless and WiMax broadband operations in Costa Rica and Peru.
  • Represented as outside general counsel a NASDAQ listed, online, interactive wagering company.
  • Represented as outside general counsel an international distributor of commercial kitchen appliances.
  • Represented as outside general counsel an online web search engine, optimization company.
  • Represented as outside general counsel a restaurant chain.
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Represented a major casino operator in the acquisition of a competing casino’s hotel and casino operations.
  • Represented a privately held VoIP operator in a multi-million dollar merger with a publicly traded technology company.
  • Represented a United States commercial kitchen appliance distributor in a multi-million dollar acquisition of the international operations of a major competitor.
  • Represented a Florida CLEC licensed, telecom carrier in a $5 million acquisition of the IPTV assets of a Latin American telecommunications company.
  • Represented the Qvale Auto Group, in the acquisition of Champion Audi (the largest Audi dealer in the United States) for a purchase price in excess of $17 Million.
  • Represented a commercial kitchen equipment distributor in the $4.5 Million acquisition of all of the outstanding capital stock of Omega Products, a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer.
  • Represented a commercial kitchen equipment distributor in the $5 Million acquisition of the assets of The Zeroll Corp, a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer.
Shareholders, Directors and Member Interests
  • Represented companies and individuals in hundreds of shareholder agreements, membership operating agreements and option agreements.
Private Offerings
  • Represented a real estate developer in the placement of $8 million in private equity for the development of a 56 unit, multi-building development.
  • Represented a real estate developer in the placement of $5 million in private equity, $4 million in private debt and a commercial loan in the amount of $7 million for the acquisition of vacant land.
  • Represented an interactive wagering company in the placement of $4 million in private equity.
  • Represented a maritime security company in the placement of $1.5 million in private equity.
International Corporate
  • Represented a United States telecommunications company in negotiating with investors, suppliers and local government on the development of a WiMAX network in Costa Rica, resulting in Costa Rica’s first nationwide, wireless, broadband network.
  • Represented a United States commercial equipment design and distribution company in a joint venture with a Chinese equipment manufacturing company.
  • Represented a shoe and apparel manufacturer based in Spain in establishing operations, sales and distribution in Miami for the United States and Latin America.
  • Represented a glass mosaic tile manufacturer based in Spain in establishing operations, sales and distribution in Miami for the United States and Latin America.
  • Represented a commercial appliance distributor based in the United States in purchasing the international operations of a major competitor.
  • Represented a furniture designer and manufacturer based in Latin America in establishing operations, sales and distribution in Miami for distribution in North America.
  • Represented a lighting manufacturer based in Mexico in establishing a distribution hub in the United States.
  • Represented a Florida CLEC licensed, telecom carrier in a $5 million acquisition of the IPTV assets of a Latin American telecommunications company.
  • Represented the national telecom company in Azerbaijan, in negotiating a $15 Million, WiMAX equipment purchase, installation and service agreement with ZTE (China).
  • Represented a Florida based clothing designer and manufacturing company, in franchising its retail stores into Saudi Arabia.
  • Represented an Ecuadorian based furniture designer and manufacturing company in franchising its retail stores into Egypt.
  • Represented a Florida based clothing designer and manufacture in its distribution agreements throughout the United Kingdom and continental Europe.
  • Represented a major Caribbean hotel operator in negotiating its agreements with Orbitz, Priceline and other online travel and tour companies.
  • Represented a tour operator based in Spain in establishing United States operations, including state licensing, Dept. of Transportation approvals and negotiating carriage with major airlines.
E-commerce and Online Businesses
  • Represented an online travel content company in negotiating online content service and web design agreements with Fox Interactive Media (including MySpace, Fox Travel, and Ask Men)
  • Represented one of Brazil’s largest internet search companies in negotiations with Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing).
  • Represented an online interactive wagering company in online content licensing agreements with horseracing tracks worldwide.
  • Represented a major hotel operator with hotels throughout the Caribbean and Spain in negotiating its agreements with Orbitz, Priceline and other online travel and tour companies.
  • Represented one of the largest online virtual tour companies in negotiating agreements with major online travel companies (including Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz).
Commercial Finance
  • Represented a Miami real estate developer in negotiating a $50 million construction loan with a national bank.
  • Represented a Spanish bank in a $12 million construction loan for a major real estate project in Miami.
  • Represented a Spanish bank in a series of multi-million dollar loans to a large theme park operator.
  • Represented a real estate developer in negotiating a $7 million bridge loan for the acquisition of vacant land.
  • Represented a commercial kitchen equipment distributor in negotiating and closing a $9 Million Credit Facility with Regions Bank.
  • Represented a commercial kitchen equipment distributor in negotiating and closing a $12 Million Credit Facility with PNC Bank consisting of a $6Million domestic line of credit and a $6Million is EXIM (Export Import Bank) line of credit.
  • Represented an international plastic resins distribution company in negotiating and closing a $20 Million Credit Facility consisting of a $5Million domestic line of credit and $15Million EXIM (Export Import Bank) line of credit.
  • Represented a home automation company in negotiating an intellectual property licensing agreement with THX.
  • Represented a cable television network in negotiating broadcast and content licensing agreements with major horseracing tracks worldwide.
  • Represented one of the largest online virtual tour companies in negotiating content licensing agreements with Starwood Hotels and Resorts (includes W Hotels, St. Regis, Westin and other major hotels in the Starwood Group)
  • Represented a major Chinese commercial kitchen equipment designer and manufacturer in registering three United States trademarks for three product lines.
  • Represented a United States distributor of commercial equipment in a trademark dispute and its successful resolution resulting in a favorable settlement and the infringing party sending an apology letter to all major customers of our client.
  • Represented a United States equipment distributor in a $200,000.00 acquisition of the Trademarks, domain name, and goodwill of a commercial equipment manufacture.

Novela Law has assisted both domestic and international companies in the handling of such matters as letters of intent, asset and stock purchases, merger agreements, confidentiality, exclusivity and standstill agreements, due diligence investigations, registration statements, proxy statements, poison pills and anti-takeover strategies. The firm has extensive experience in performing due-diligence investigations in merger transactions including investigations to assess ownership and scope-of-rights issues for motion-picture film libraries, gaming companies, interactive wagering companies, WiMAX and VoIP operators, internet search and search optimization companies, oil and gas companies, equipment distributors and technology products and services. The firm also has expertise in international acquisitions.

Novela Law specializes in the areas of shareholder and director interest for corporations and member interest for limited liability companies. The firm’s representation includes shareholder agreements, member interest agreements, operating agreements for limited liability companies, proxy and voting agreements, stock pledges, shareholder and/or member dispute resolutions. The firm is experienced at planning and conducting board of directors meetings, shareholder meetings, independent director meetings, committee planning and advisory committee planning. Furthermore, the firm has substantial experience in preparing employment, independent contractor and non-competition agreements.

Novela Law has substantial experience representing growing companies that need additional capital from private placements, venture capital rounds of investment or from inside investors. It regularly provides counsel in private placement transactions representing both domestic and foreign issuers in the manner of the issuance. In those capacities, the firm is experienced in preparing, reviewing and revising private placement memorandums and providing legal advice on Regulation D and compliance with Blue Sky laws for domestic and foreign companies and individuals as well as preparing for options and warrants, convertible securities terms, registration rights, piggyback, tag-along and drag-along rights and stock repurchase agreements. The firm has particular experience in private offerings in the areas of real estate development and motion picture film finance.

Novela Law has represented clients in a variety of international transactions, joint ventures, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, debt financing, restructurings. In addition, the firm has handled numerous transactions throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Novela Law provides counsel on various offshore entities for the international structuring of our client’s businesses by selecting the most suitable structures from a choice of international, tax-haven domiciles, including but not limited to the following: Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Costa Rica, Liechtenstein and Luxemburg. Novela Law has the capability through our network of law firms to customize our services to include any particular jurisdiction that might serve our client’s particular needs

Novela Law represents one of the largest hotel operators in the Caribbean and Central America. The firm also represents tour operators, hotel management companies and interactive hotel and travel web sites with an emphasis on the Caribbean and Latin America.

Novela Law routinely assists clients in securing bank financing for everyone from real estate developers to start-ups and other businesses. The firm provides counsel in the areas of loan agreements, security agreements, mortgages covering real estate, equipment and inventory, stock pledges, and debt versus equity issues. The firm also represents several lenders in their commercial and residential real estate loans, construction loans, bridge loans and other forms of finance.

Novela Law represents several internet businesses including software developers, web search companies, web search optimization companies and entertainment and media companies. The firm also has experience representing interactive wagering companies and web-site developers and hosting companies.

Novela Law has routinely prepared licensing agreements for software developers and designers, entertainment content companies, film production companies, artists and designers and other owners of intellectual property.

Novela Law represents clients in all manner of trademarks, state and federal, including searching and advising on the availability of trademarks and trade names; devising creative solutions for clearing marks; advising on when to obtain rights to marks owned by others, registering trademarks, policing trademarks, and preparing licensing agreements and security interest in trademarks or other intellectual property. Novela Law works closely with clients and third party search firms in to identify potential infringers and recommend appropriate enforcement action

Notable Transactions

Film and Video

  • Represented a major film studio in the acquisition of another studio’s film library.
  • Represented a film production company in all aspects of the production, distribution and merchandising of a theatrical motion picture including international filming, SAG negotiations, and negotiating agreements with international talent.
  • Represented a film producer in sales and distribution agreements for several theatrical films.
  • Represented a television producer in all agreements related to preparing a television pilot program featuring a Miami Beach modeling agency.


  • Represented a Latin music artist in negotiating a recording contract with a major Latin music producer.
  • Represented a Latin record label in the sale of its business.
  • Represented a major Latin music producer in negotiating a production agreement with Venevision International Music.

Intellectual Property

Drawing upon our business and transactional focus, Novela Law represents the entertainment industry with clients ranging from large entertainment companies to individual entrepreneurial clients. Novela Law has experience in the areas of motion picture, television and video production, cable network distribution, recorded music, fashion design and distribution, furniture design, merchandising, licensing, music and film finance and entertainment-executive employment agreements. The firm also counsels clients on copyright and trademark regulation, trademark searches, trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark office and protection of their intellectual property.

Novela Law has experience in representing film producers, writers and directors in film and television. The firm represents both domestic and international clients for both the English and Spanish audience. The firm also represents individuals and companies in areas such as film and video post and pre-production and other related film and video services. Mr. Novela has represented a corporate client in the acquisition of several film libraries and with the acquisition of additional intellectual property and content. Mr. Novela also previously served as sole in-house attorney for a cable television network.

Novela Law has expertise representing recording artists, songwriters, major and independent record labels, producers, and concert promoters. The firm represents them in the areas of record and production deals, copyright protection, concert agreements and internet-related issues. The firm also handles the contractual aspects of worldwide concert tours, including contracts with concert halls and ticket agencies, sound and light companies, stage designers, insurance companies and negotiations for tour sponsorship.

Notable Transactions

Commercial Real Estate

  • Represented a real estate developer in preparing, filing and recording all condo documentation and in the development of a 91 unit condominium.
  • Represented a real estate developer in the development of a 56 unit multi-building residential real estate project.
  • Represented a real estate developer in the reorganization and sale of a $17 million residential real estate project.

Residential Real Estate

  • Represented hundreds of homeowners in the sale and purchase of their homes.

Real Estate Law

Novela Law routinely represents buyers, sellers and lending institutions with regards to commercial real estate transactions. Transactions involving the development of condominiums (including all condominium documents and state approvals), condo-conversions, office buildings, shopping centers and warehouses are all a part of the firm’s real estate practice. Novela Law also has extensive experience counseling foreign real estate investors and investors using 1031 exchanges and 1031 reverse-exchanges.

Novela Law handles numerous residential real estate closings on an annual basis. These transactions typically require us to coordinate with a title insurance company the preparation of all closing documents, including contract for sale and purchase, warranty deeds, condo approvals, insurance, surveys, loan payoffs, permit searches, as well as any tax inquiries and all necessary inspections as needed. Novela Law also has experience in dealing with foreclosures sales.

Mr. Novela is one of the owners of Palm Title Corporation which provides real estate title and closing agent services to the clients of Novela Law. Palm Title Corporation is an authorized title insurance agent for First American Title Insurance Company, one of the nation’s largest title insurance companies. Engaging an attorney-operated title insurance company to handle real estate closing transactions is often in a client’s best interest because only an attorney can effectively advise a party on matters relating to title and answer legal questions that can arise during a real estate closing. Additionally, if a legal problem with title or the closing arises, we as your attorney can take immediate action.


Daniel Novela founded Novela Law in 2002. He has built Novela Law into a transactional law firm specializing in complex domestic and international business transactions, real estate law, entertainment law and high-net-worth services based around our novela+ group. The firm attracts a mix of domestic and international clients with approximately one half of our clients being based overseas. Novela Law’s growth has been based on a commitment to serve its clients that is not mere words, but is illustrated in a more than 95% client retention rate since the firm was founded.

Before founding Novela Law, Novela practiced law at some of the nation’s premier law firms. Early in his career he practiced in the areas of corporate, securities and real estate law with the New York based law firm of Milbank Tweed. He then practiced corporate and entertainment law at the Los Angeles based law firm of Christensen Miller (now known as Glaser Weil). Novela later joined the corporate law department of the Miami based law firm of Steel, Hector & Davis (now part of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey).

Born in South Florida, Novela earned a law degree with honors (cum laude), from Tulane University. He studied business at the University of Missouri – Columbia and at a university in Florence Italy, and earned a bachelor’s degree in business from Florida International University.

Novela is a member of the Florida bar association. Novela has been recognized in numerous publications for his work in the legal field. He was nominated in 2011 by the Daily Business Review as a finalist for “Deal Maker of the Year” and has been featured in the American Lawyer, the Daily Business Review, Haute Living, Miami Magazine, Social Miami and the South Florida Business Journal.

Novela serves on the International Business Committee, the Aviation Committee and the Fashion & Lifestyle Committee of The Beacon Council, which is a government agency tasked with bringing and encouraging businesses to relocate to Miami. Novela also serves on the Compliance Committee of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce.

Novela is also a strong advocate of the arts in Miami. He was appointed by the Mayor of Miami Beach to the Board of the Cultural Arts Council where he directs funding for local cultural institutions. He is a founding member of Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) Young Collector’s Council which funds and selects local art for the museum’s permanent collection. He Co-Chaired the 2012 PAMM Annual Ball with his wife and together they have a unique collection of contemporary art. He Co-Chaired the 2013 PAMM Corporate Luncheon. He was recognized for this philanthropic work by Haute Living, Miami Magazine, Plum Magazine and Social Miami. He also supports the Bass Museum, MOCA Miami and the Wolfsonian Museum.

Novela enjoys collecting contemporary art, collecting contemporary and vintage watches (Novela is a monthly contributor to Haute Time Magazine), driving vintage sports cars and traveling the world with his wife and two children. Novela is fluent in English, Spanish and conversant in Italian.

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Novela has also been a strong supporter of the arts in Miami; including serving in prominent positions at the Miami Beach Cultural Arts Council, the Perez Art Museum Miami (formerly known as the Miami Art Museum “PAMM”) and the Bass Museum (see Novela bio for more information.) Novela and his wife Marcella (who serves on the Board of Trustees at PAMM) have been recognized for their arts-related philanthropic activities and for their collection of contemporary art in various publications including Haute Living Magazine, Miami Magazine, Plum Magazine, and Social Miami. Novela is also a monthly contributor to Haute Time Magazine regarding luxury wrist watches and is considered an expert on vintage and contemporary watches. We understand the needs of high net worth clients because we not only have over fifteen years of experience representing their legal needs, but also because we understand their needs from a social and lifestyle perspective as well. We are also affiliated with an arts concierge service company which can provide unparalleled access to the world’s most coveted arts related invitations and events. We look forward to introducing our clients to the many fine art and lifestyle experiences available in Miami and inviting them to join us at many of the exclusive events we sponsor and attend.

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